About Me

 Hi, I’m Rachel!

When I think of photography it’s not about the gear, the perfect touch ups, or a stunning backdrop. I envision a moment of pure emotions from people, which are so beauteous that by not capturing those emotions you are missing out on so much about a person’s personality. The enjoyment I get out of meeting new people, learning about their life and then capturing their personality and emotions is the main reason why I love to do photography. For years I’ve slowly grown photography from a hobby into a business and passion of mine without intending to do so. I simply took one step after another which has led me to where I am today. With each step I’ve grown as a person, creative, and as a photographer wanting to capture those emotions and personalities and sharing them with you.

A few things about my personality. I’m happy even when it’s cold and rainy out! I love to cuddle up in a blanket, sip some tea and put a chick flick on. My second passion is music. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in music with classical saxophone and violin. My minor was photography media which is where I’ve grown most in my photography years!

Travel is another passion of mine. My life goal is to combine both travel and photography and do both of my passions at the same time! I’m down for any adventure from the east coast to the west coast and anywhere in between. I have a plethora of places on my travel list and I hope to make of all them with my camera in hand!