July 24th, 2018 was whirlwind of a day in the Bean household! Not only did we greet a little nephew into the world that day but we opened up our home to a rescue dog named Penny (aka Delilah). We weren’t looking for a dog at the time or even looked into other dogs at the shelter. We simply just wanting Penny. When I mean “we” I really mean “me”. My husband had very little control with getting Penny.

Rewind to the week before as I glanced over the Champaign-Urbana humane society website. At first I started looking at the cats, but retracted that thought knowing my cat has been very content as an only cat. Which led me to look into the dogs and there she was. Smiling in her picture with a grin that I couldn’t forget even it I tried. I don’t know what led me to only click on her profile but when I did I fell instantly in love. I text my husband basically saying we need this dog. He was, obviously, more reserved about getting a dog and wasn’t sure about a rescue. Well two days later I was given a “blessing” to visit Penny. Knowing if I saw her I wouldn’t resist adopting her on the spot. With me a dragged along my two brothers and one of their girlfriends. My heart was racing the whole drive there and I couldn’t wait to meet her! When we walked in I went straight to the counter asking the volunteer to visit with Penny. When she came out my heart burst with excitement, love and wanting to take her home that day! At first I was just planning on visiting and bringing my husband back later to meet her just to be safe. However after that first visit I knew I couldn’t leave without filling out the adoption papers. She was the dog for us, well me.

Now six months later, Penny has beeb renamed as Delilah and has become an important part of our little family. Even my husband often states how glad that I adopted her. She’s a wonderful guard dog, loves to cuddle and her rebellion lately is to jump on the counters and lick are cast iron bans bone dry. Her quirky humor and love to in a home that she’s taken care of and dotted on daily shows.

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